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Aktuell aus dem Internationalen Sekretrariat- "Amnesty International"

  • Nicaragua: State must stop repressing demonstrators after 10 are killed
    Authorities in Nicaragua must immediately stop repressing demonstrators and protect their right to protest, said Amnesty International after at least 10 people were killed and several others were injured or remain unaccounted for following a terrifying clampdown on dissent on Friday.

  • Liberia: Warlord “Jungle Jabbah” jailed for 30 years in US
    Responding to the 30-year jail sentence handed to Mohammed Jabateh, a former Liberian war lord known as “Jungle Jabbah” now living in the US, for immigration fraud and perjury due to failure to disclose his involvement in human rights abuses during the Liberian civil war, Amnesty International’s West Africa Researcher Sabrina Mahtani said:

  • Nicaragua: Authorities must protect the people’s right to protest
    In response to reports that pro-government groups assaulted students and journalists and stole their equipment during a protest against social security reforms in Managua, Nicaragua, on Wednesday, Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas director at Amnesty International, said: